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Kisses Lyrics

Kisses Lyrics is a new English song, sung by Slowdive and its produced by Neil Halstead. Kisses Song Lyrics is written by Neil Halstead. This song is officially published by Dead Oceans on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of Kisses Song,which is given below.


Tell me your the best thing,
I tell you that’s what you need
Rolling on those good looks
Maybe it’s just enough

I know you dream of snowfields
Floating high above the trees
Living for the new thing
Sometimes the new won’t do

Kisses born desert sun

Maybe there’s a car, there
Driving away from here
Taking all the ghosts
The hurt
Well everything starts anew

Tell me what you need
What’s right
Whatever is just enough
Is Living with the truth
A start
Maybe it’s just enough

Kisses born desert sun


Producer:Neil Halstead
Lyrics:Neil Halstead
Label:Dead Oceans

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