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I'm Not Okay Lyrics

I’m Not Okay Lyrics is a new English song, sung by JVKE and it’s produced by JVKE & ZVCs. I’m Not Okay Song Lyrics is written by Jake Lawson & Zac Lawson. This song is officially published by JVKE on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of I’m Not Okay Song, which is given below.


You Can Kiss My Love Goodbye
Your Lipstick Stains Washed With Tears I Cry

For The First Time In A While
I Can See Through The Lies
Bringing Secrets To Light

How Could I Be So Naive To
Think I Had You, Maybe I’m Just Dumb,
I’m A Fool So Naive
I Wish I Woulda Known
You Don’t Love Me
You Don’t Love Me
Maybe I’m Just Dumb

Down, Bad
All My Friends Say U The Worst
Down Bad
But I Can’t See It, Vision Blurred

I Know I Look
Kinda Crazy, Ooh Yeah
But I’m Feelin Good
As Of Lately, Ooh Yeah

I Let You Live In My Brain
Cause I Kinda Like The Pain

Breathe Breathe
I’m Not Okay, Yeah I’m Broken By You
I’m Not Okay, But That’s Ay-okay With Me


Song:I’m Not Okay
Producer:JVKE & ZVC
Writer:Jake Lawson & Zac Lawson

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