You And I Lyrics – Bryan Adams

You And I Lyrics

You And I Lyrics is a new English song, sung and it’s produced by Bryan Adams. You And I Song Lyrics is written by Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance. This song is officially published by Bryan Adams on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of You And I Song, which is given below.


Darlin’ You Look Beautiful Tonight
I Can’t Remember Ever Seein’ Anything So Right
In The Magic Of The Moment, Yeah
There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

I See The Wonder Of The World Through Your Eyes
To Have You Here Beside Me
Makes Me Realize
Everything Is Different, Yeah
Everything Has Changed Inside Of Me

You And I
We’ve Got Somethin’ Goin’ On
You And I
How Could This Be Wrong?
Who’d Believe That We Could Catch The Wind Before It’s Gone?
Only You And I

I Love The Way You Feel When You’re Near
If I Could Be Anywhere I’d Wanna Be Right Here
Let’s Never Let It End
Ah, I Could Spend Forever In Your Arms

You And I
Much To My Surprise
You And I
It Was Right Before My Eyes

I Would Give Almost Anything
The Stars, The Moon, The Sky
All For You And I

I Wasn’t Waiting For A Miracle
I Just Wanted Somewhere To Belong
It’s Amazing What Can Happen When You’re Making Other Plans
But How Was I To Know You Were Right There All Along?

Darlin’ You Look Beautiful Tonight
I Can’t Remember Ever Seein’ Anything So Right
Like A Vision In The Darkness
A Sight For Lonely Eyes To See

You And I
I Always Wanna Feel This Way
You And I
On Any Other Day
I Might Have Missed The Moment
Now I Just Wanna Stay

Together, You And I
Forever, You And I


Song:You And I
Singer:Bryan Adams
Producer:Bryan Adams
Lyrics:Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance
Label:Bryan Adams

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