Working Lyrics – Tate McRae & Khalid

Working Lyrics

Working Lyrics is a new english song, sung by Tate McRae & Khalid and it’s produced by Joel Little. Working Song Lyrics is written by Joel Little, Khalid Robinson, Sarah Aarons & Tate McRae. This song is officially published by RCA Records Label on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of Working Song, which is given below.


It’s a feeling that I can’t explain
That I miss you more when I’m away
And I swear I’ve been counting the days
But when you’re here
I think I need a bit of space

Well shit we’ve always had good conversation
Or we used to
But I haven’t been serious
Since high school
And maybe I’m the one to blame
But in real life it’s not the same

When I’m working
You’re the only one that I want
But we’re not working
I told you from the start
I’m not perfect
That’s why you like me so much
But we’re not working

You say all we need is time
And I don’t want to dim your light
But I can’t say I’m an introvert
The timing’s right we just don’t work

Ooh ooh
I don’t mean to be rude
Still got a thing for you
But I gotta tell the truth

Ooh ooh
No more leading you on
That’s wrong
So wrong


Song: Working
Singer: Tate McRae & Khalid
Lyrics: Joel Little, Khalid Robinson, Sarah Aarons & Tate McRae
Label: RCA Records Label

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