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Come Back Daniel Song Lyrics

Come Back Daniel Song Lyrics is a new english song, sung and it’s produced by Spy Ninjas. Come Back Daniel Song Lyrics is written by Spy Ninjas. This song is officially published by Chad Wild Clay on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of Come Back Daniel Song, which is given below.



I hope you’ve realized that you’ve been hypnotized
You were an awesome guy but now you’re despised
Lately we’ve been the saddest all cause of horse radish
He looked you in the eyes, told you big lies..

You goose, change back to the
Blue shoes wash off all your tattoos
I would beg just to hear you say “my leg!”
Gizmo completed our rainbow now you’ve become emo
Your mind’s kinda like a mashed potato

You lost your sense of humor you’re acting like a boomer
You always use to laugh at chad the giraffe
Now you don’t even smirk you’re being such a jerk
Stop peeing on your shirt
Come back daniel, come back please
Come back daniel, the guy you used to be

You’re mean to regina you always mock her
On instagram you even blocked her
If you don’t stop hanging out with stalkers well
Let’s just say you’ll need a walker
You think you’re cool when you’re actine evil
But to me you’re a weasel
Think you’re tough like a gorilla?
Pshh, more like a quesadilla

We’ve searched for the daniel that burps
Guy that loves his blue merch but he’s gone
He’s changed! He’s deranged!
Inside i know you’re the same guy
Who’s always by our side so i won’t slap you
Jk i might

You used to fool around now all you do is frown
Your views are going down, lost your crown, you’re a clown
It’s out of your control, but you’re a bunghole
This christmas you’ll get coal
Come back daniel, come back please,
Come back daniel, the guy you used to be

Singing a song healed chad last year
It will heal you too open your ears

Just come back daniel, come back please
Come back daniel, the guy you used to be

Come back daniel


Song: Come Back Daniel Song
Singer: Russell Vitale
Lyrics: Russell Vitale
Label: Chad Wild Clay

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