You Lyrics – Andre Carasic

You Lyrics

You Lyrics is a new english single track song, sung and it’s produced by Andre Carasic. You Song Lyrics is written by Andre Carasic himself. This song is officially published by Andre Carasic on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of You song, which is given below.


All alone in my zone
Nothing wrong but I’m gone
In my bed lights turn red
Got my bread like I said
Tell me how you feel, is it real ?
What’s the deal, you don’t know what to do ?
All they counterfeit tryna steal
Time reveals who’s fake but who knew
But I keep my faith on my way to be great
Need that mountain view
Yeah I’m not the same changed my frame
Stop to blame you can’t walk in my shoes

For you, all I do is for you
Don’t know what Imma do
If one day Imma lose you
If one day Imma lose you

Now that I found my light
Trust me there’s no lie
Memories don’t die turned myself into a butterfly
Come here let’s fly, She can open my 3rd eye
No more tears wipe your eyes
Get your mind clear like this sky

I’m running from myself I don’t need no help
These demons know me well
Come on
Trying to defend my soul


Song: You
Singer: Andre Carasic
Lyrics: Andre Carasic
Label: Andre Carasic

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