Split Decisions Lyrics – Rimzee

Split Decisions Lyrics

Split Decisions Lyrics is a new english song sung by Rimzee and it’s written by Rimzee himself. This song is officially published by Rimzee on his YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Split Decisions song Lyrics, which is given below.


What they gonna tell me
I was down nobody would help me
Now the shops in fulham
I might be on made in Chelsea

Done 6 in the can came home and a ngga still charted My dior jumper that’s a one bedroom apartment 6 racks on the video but they took it down cah the sample Ngga f*ck the sample
Remeber I was weighing up buj with cardboard

F*ck the others Break bread with my brothers
Till we all millionaires
And we all live in the suburbs
Break bread with my friends 2 more moves that’s a m
I sat in the pen I lost it all got it back again

It was me on induction wing
induction pack with that orange squash
You know that roofs panaramic
You know I can’t drop the top

2 toys in the ride g
East boy like Wiley
Machine lively
On anything like Tigz and haile
Expensive attire
Had the ped with the tinted visor
Now it’s accountants surveyors
Lawyers mortgage advisors

I’m in the big league all I had to do was grind
Remember when that half was 70 and I only had 65
Took a different rout only n*gga with buj in the drout
Now my whips parked outside my 3 bedroom house

They got the bag bought jewellery
Me I might franchise Morley’s
Business owner
I might have to vote for tories

Remember me and frog laughing in that court
But it wernt no joke When them screws slammed them doors
In a Sweat box drive Thinking it be a while until I’m home
Wretch 32 on the radio dont go
All these unfamiliar faces

N*ggas Wana no the latest Wer you from and what your name is
My net bag plastic bowl knife and my fork
Bout to make a call watch what I say cause it records

Big bro told me f the roads but I was stubborn
On a v thinking am I getting ghosted or they coming
Screws searching mummy on a visit this ain’t life
and seeing mummy cry And shit I nearly cried

They got email a prisoner now my chick can reach me more
But I prefer when you write cause i can feel it more
Wana put the family on so I can spoil them
All I brought was disappointment
Sleeping in the same room I used the toilet

Banged up in the vile (pentonville)prison ain’t like no film
Slept on that bunk bed with no quilt
One year 6 years came by and flew
Memory got bad forgot some niggas that I knew

All them road years were monument
Now I’m her majesty’s occupant And jail f*cked up my confidence
Sandwiches for lunch and slop for dinner
On the yard conversating who’s block is realer

Everyone in for violence
I met some brothers that’s pious
But until I found allah ak I had no guidance
I done countless and endless works
Gave my life to the block and I got nothing in return

Now it’s King crab salads we on different standards
Now the waitress call me sir and call the bae madam
I still Remeber nights I made it rain in Clapton would be
I be here if my nitty never chased the dragon
Coming up I never had a grand (£1000)

Now I do it cause I can always knew I’ll be the man
I went from putting shells in my glock
now we spill champagne this hotels on the yacht
Had the star before wraiths

I used to re up on a 8ths ,I just over took the bus I used to chase
In that sweatbox I know police was grinning now
The feds stop the car just to see who’s in it


Song: Split Decisions
Singer: Rimzee
Lyrics: Rimzee
Label: Rimzee

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