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Helu Yaake Lyrics

Helu Yaake Lyrics is a new Kannada song from “Ek Love Ya” movie, sung by Showman Prem’s and it’s composed by Arjun Janya. Helu Yaake Song Lyrics is written by Showman Prem’s himself. This song is officially published by A2 MUSIC on their YouTube channel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of Helu Yaake song in English, which is given below.


Hothillada Hoththu
Thutthillade Ninthu
Kaadidde Ninagaagi Yaake
Helu Yaake, Helu Yaake

Aaneya Ittu, Bhaasheya Kottu
Hindh Hindhe Bhandidhu Yake
Helu Yaake, Helu Yaake


Preetheeli Yaamaarodh Hosadhenu Alla
Hudugeeru Hingene Anthaare Ella
Yaake, Helu Yaake

Ellaara Haage, Neenanthu Alla
Jagakella Saaruve Na Innaa
Helu Yaake, Helu Yaake

Elelu Janumaana Namballa Naanu
Nanagaagi Matthomme Huttalla Neenu
Yaake, Helu Yaake

Kone Usiraase Kelidare Nanna
Neene Bekennuve Naa Inna

Helu Yaake, Helu Yaake
Helu Yaake


Song: Helu Yaake
Singer: Showman Prem’s
Music: Arjun Janya
Lyrics: Showman Prem’s

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