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Pal Do Pal is a new Hindi song, sung by Roshan Bhat and it’s composed by Chandrajit KamblePal Do Pal Lyrics is written by Chandrajit Kamble. This song is officially published by Zee Music Company on their youtube cannel and various music streaming platform. We are presenting the Lyrics of Pal Do Pal song in Hindi and English with line-by-line meaning which is given below. 

Pal Do Pal Lyrics in English and Hindi:

[Intro Music]
Pal Do Pal Ka Na Saath Hai Ye
Mera Jaha Hai Tu Itni Ye Baat Hai
Naa Chodna Na Tujhe Li Hai Kasam Ye
Sow Baat Ki Ek Baat Hai Ye
Lab Ji Mile Lab Se To Ye
Raat Din Na Pata Chale
Baho Mein Jo Le Lu Tujhe
Dilko Mere Suku Mile
Lab Ko Khamosh Rehne De Aaj
Dil Se Dil Ki Zara
Kuch Guphtagu Hone Bhi De
Tere Saye Mein Teri Baho Mein
In Thaki Ankho Ko
Kuch Pal Zara Sone Bhi De
Kehde Zara Jo Dil Mein Hai
Na Ab Kuch Kami Rahe
Tere Kadam Jis Pe Chale
Na Ab Wo Jamin Rahe
[Outro Music]
~~~ END ~~~

Pal Do Pal Song Details:

Song Name: Pal Do Pal
Singer: Roshan Bhat
Lyrics: Chandrajit Kamble
Music: Chandrajit Kamble
Label: Zee Music Company

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